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My Place


I live in a quite nice property at Alter do chao. It formerly belonged to the Waughan family (Led here by Hasting from Donner Party, after the American Civil War) where they cultivated many fruiting trees and rubber trees. We place bird feeders which also attract Iguanas and sometimes Marmosets.


It is the best site to contemplate Alter do chao. I like sharing it with the ones who travel with me.


When cruise ships dock and Santarem or anchor at Alter do chao I set exhibitions about Indigenous weaponry, photographic exhibitions on Natural Rubber History, which includes photos of Fordlandia, The Confederates, the Wickhams.


During your staying I offer my books, bottled drinks, fresh fruit, fish snacks, cashew nuts and cold and very safe drinks including the best caipirinhas. Visitors can use our Wi-Fi system and enjoy our books and maps.


From home we also offer brief canoe and boat rides.


Be Welcome!!