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Gil Serique

Wildlife, History and Environment

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Native tour guide specializing in wildlife observation, history, environmental issues and  adventure in the Brazilian Amazon.

Gil Serique is not just the name of a local guide in the lower Amazon - it's a touristic brand that guarantees you a high quality eco-tour, exclusive information about history, wildlife and environmental issues of the Amazon rainforest. He is well-known for his excellent work accompanying researchers, writers, documentary teams and custom groups.


Gil is also an expert in the cruise ship industry, creating successful tours for groups seeking a greater contact with nature. Gil has been featured in the most popular  guidebooks on the globe, like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Footprint.


His house in Alter-do-Chão is a place for those who are looking for anything the Amazon  offers: the most beautiful beach in the world, a museum and library devoted to the development of the Amazon throughout the last two centuries and, of course, an excellent ambience with harmony, fun and lots of caipirinhas. This is also a nice backpackers' spot, where new ideas and visions are exchanged along with the books containing them - a perfect place to create a new ones.



+55 93 91856051


I prefer you contact me via whatsapp pls

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