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Gil Serique

Wildlife, History and Environment

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It will be very easy for you to find my boat, I will be a one minute walk from the tenders dock, i will be wearing a tee shirt with my logo type. 

The tours are very different from each other

From Alter do chao where I live for 11 years now we shall take vans and drive to Belterra, the second city founded by Henry Ford. The drive can be quite interesting.

We go via Belterra, the second city founded by Henry Ford (I contributed to a book by Greg Gradin called Fordlandia The rise and fall may want to read.

We drive through a secondary rainforest and many soya bean fields, This can give you an idea of the impact of soy expansion into my area. There's a chapter in another great book I helped with. It's called Visit Sunny Chernobyl by Andrew Blackewell and the chapter is Soy Mageddon.

The total drive should be 1,30h to reach the TAPAJÓS NATIONAL FOREST in order to make a  hike in pristine rainforest, your only chance to experience it, trust me.
At the end of the hike we go by Terra Rica, an area inside the park that belonged to my matriarchal family before the park was created in the 70s. It was a disaster! My mother is the oldest, she is the only one alive, She is 98 years old now and she lost all her brothers and sisters some 20 years ago only because of the park creation.  
The park is heavily under logging currently!! by the way it is unsustainable! to reach my 2000 square metre property, a
fter visiting the park, we drive back to Alter do Chao, down the hill to reach my 2000 square metre property, located at the nicest place of the village that was chosen by the Guardian as one of the most beautiful in my country. 
It is a slice of a huge property previously owned by The Waughon family, one of the many confederates families that moved to Santarem after the American civil war.

One great book is The Thief at the End of the World by Joe Jacksonm don't miss and start reading by the credits, just kidding. It's just an amazing book, by the way Joe turned another age three days ago. When you come I will be 59 years ago.

At my place snacks, drinks, fresh fruit, nuts will be served. Lots of books, some paintings. an exhibition about Fordlandia etc,  All this contemplating the best view of the village and with your ship on your view. She is docked just three minutes from my place.

No mosquitoes dress comfortably maybe long sleeves. We shall carry small snacks and bottled drinks, alcohol only at home!


Meet you near the tenders dock no error!!!

Cruise along the meeting of the waters and the city to reach Maica river, The water should be high enough to use small boat to deeper exploration,

It is just fantastic for the time the ship gives me to do my work, AT LEAST 5 HOURS.

Lots of wildlife guaranteed like pink dolphins, sloths, iguanas and lots of birds. I have limited copies of my little wildlife book which is available on AMAZON, 
However physical copies will be available for 5 each. I sold 320 to Hanseatic, you better add 5 dollars for a signed copy. there will be serious snacks, fresh fruit etc.

If I come to have two boats I will start on one and finish on the other just like the vans.

When you guarantee your place by depositing 50 percent (each tour costs 130 dollars per person*, please let me know and when you come place your paypal receipt inside of an envelope with the remaining,

There are great descriptions of my work everywhere on trip advisors. lonely planet Cruise criticm youtube ETC pls dont hesitate to ask question though


Thank you.

Gil Serique


Native tour guide specializing in wildlife observation, history, environmental issues and  adventure in the Brazilian Amazon.

Gil Serique is not just the name of a local guide in the lower Amazon - it's a touristic brand that guarantees you a high quality eco-tour, exclusive information about history, wildlife and environmental issues of the Amazon rainforest. He is well-known for his excellent work accompanying researchers, writers, documentary teams and custom groups.


Gil is also an expert in the cruise ship industry, creating successful tours for groups seeking a greater contact with nature. Gil has been featured in the most popular  guidebooks on the globe, like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Footprint.


His house in Alter-do-Chão is a place for those who are looking for anything the Amazon  offers: the most beautiful beach in the world, a museum and library devoted to the development of the Amazon throughout the last two centuries and, of course, an excellent ambience with harmony, fun and lots of caipirinhas. This is also a nice backpackers' spot, where new ideas and visions are exchanged along with the books containing them - a perfect place to create a new ones.



+55 93 91856051


I prefer you contact me via whatsapp pls

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